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30 years ago, Prof. Dr. Dr. Günter Brill and Wolfgang Koch founded MEDTRON – Medizinische System GmbH in Saarbrücken. It’s not just the company name that has changed since then.
In 2022, we are celebrating our 30th anniversary and looking back proudly on innovative injector systems and achievements in a wide variety of countries all over the world. MEDTRON AG has established itself on the market as one of the leading European manufacturers of cutting-edge contrast media injectors. The injectors produced in Germany are sold worldwide under the Accutron® brand. 

Many thousands of doctors, hospitals and diagnostic facilities rely on MEDTRON contrast media injectors and consumables Made in Germany. The objective of our company is to combine improved diagnostics, patient-friendliness and cost effectiveness.

This is what has motivated us for 30 years and what we promise for the future as well.


30 Years of MEDTRON AG - Challenges and

Discover the origins of our company, MEDTRON AG, since its founding in Saarbrücken in Saarland in 1992 by Prof. Dr. Dr. Brill and look back with us on a 30-year history of success.

Logo MEDTRON medizinische System GMBH

Founding of MEDTRON Medizinische Systeme GMBH

Prof. Dr. Dr. Günter Brill and Wolfgang Koch establish MEDTRON Medizinische Systeme GMBH out of a garage in Gersweiler with the aim of developing, producing and selling medical devices for radiology. Development and market launch of the CT injector “82 CT”, the first compact microprocess-controlled injector.

CT-Injektoren Injektron 82 der MEDTRON AG

Launch of the “Injektron 82 M” and “Injektron 82 S” CT injectors

Launch of the CT injectors Injektron 82 M and 82 S, special variants of the injector 82 CT for the use of prefilled injection syringes, and the start of sales of consumables


Launch of the Angio/CT injector “Injektron 82 HP”

Launch of the Injektron 82 HP Angio/CT injector as the first bi-functional high-pressure injector for angiography and computed tomography.

MRT-Kontrastmittelinjektor "Injektron 82" MRT der MEDTRON AG

Launch of the “Injektron 82 MRT” MRI injector

Launch of the “Injektron 82 MRT” MRI injector approved for tomographs up to 3 tesla


Launch of the CT injector “Injector CT2”

Launch of the CT injector injector CT2, the world’s first dual-head injector for computed tomography. It was awarded the Saarland State Prize for Product Design.


Change of name of MEDTRON Medizinische Systeme GMBH to MEDTRON AG

Fernbedienung CT-Injektor CT2 der MEDTRON AG

Launch of the touchscreen remote control for “Injektron CT2” and “Injektron MRT”

Easy Loading Spritzen der MEDTRON AG

Launch of Easy Loading Syringe (ELS)

The “Easy Loading Syringe” (ELS) is a syringe that can be easily and quickly removed by means of a device in the syringe holder of the contrast media injector.


Launch of the new Accutron series: “Accutron CT” and “Accutron CT-D”


Launch of the “Accutron HP-D”

Launch of the Accutron HP-D as the first and at the time only double-head injector for angiography

Angiographie Injektor Accutron HP der MEDTRON AG

Launch of the “Accutron HP”

Launch of the Accutron HP as a flexible single-piston injector for angiography or CT. It is available as a mobile roller unit or as a tabletop version.

Produktionsstaette der MEDTRON AG in Hermeskeil

MEDTRON opens new production facility for consumables in Hermeskeil


Launch of Accutron MR3 with integrated infusion pump

Jubilaeumslogo 25 Jahre MEDTRON AG

25 years of MEDTRON AG – a quarter of a century


Acquisition of a majority stake by AD-PART Beteiligungen Geschäftsführungs-AG, Dillingen

Aerztin schaut sich Bilder einer kontrastmittelgestuetzten Mammographie auf einem Computer an

Expansion of the application spectrum for Accutron CT-D to include contrast-assisted mammography


Launch of the “Day Safe System” - 24 h consumables

MEDTRON introduces the Day Safe system, a new consumable material for safe use on multiple patients for up to 24 hours.


Launch of “Accutron Thera”

Launch of Accutron Thera as a double-piston injector for innovative therapies and diagnostics and the only injector approved for the PIPAC procedure

CT-Injektor Accutron CT-D Vision der MEDTRON AG

Launch of the “Accutron CT-D Vision”

Launch of the Accutron CT-D Vision with RIS/PACS connection and greater comfort, mobility and operating safety.




As an international and forward-looking medical technology company, we are meeting today's challenges and are open to the technological demands of the future. Our goal and one of our responsibilities is innovative creativity in product development with the aim of providing patients with optimal, safe and thoughtful care while at the same time offering the user precise and reliable injection technology at the highest level.

Through pioneering solutions designed for the future, we set high quality standards, create technological and economic success for radiologists and ensure that people and their health are paramount. Together with our committed and highly qualified employees and partners and in respectful interaction with each other, we intend to continuously evolve in order to measure up to technological progress and address the challenges facing doctors. Together, we are committed to meeting our customers’ expectations and in partnership and as a team to solving the tasks that strengthen our position as a competent partner to radiologists.

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Accutron® CT-D Vision

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