• Day Safe System

    The new disposables for the multiple use up to 24 hours.

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    Accutron CT-D Vision

    The new Essential for Contrast.

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  • Accutron HP-D

    Revolution 1895:

    Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen makes the human body transparent.

    Innovation today:

    We bring to perfection what Röntgen started – using the Accutron HP-D contrast medium injector for abest possible angiography process.

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  • Accutron CT-D

    Revolution 1969:

    Godfrey Hounsfield’s computed tomography makes X-ray diagnostics three-dimensional.

    Innovation today:

    Our Accutron CT-D contrast medium injector makes the CT workflow simpler and safer than ever before.

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  • Accutron MR3

    Revolution 1971:

    Paul Christian Lauterbur’s magnetic resonance imaging makes diagnostics radiation-free.

    Innovation today:

    Our Accutron MR3 contrast medium injector is the multitasking master of modern MRI examination.

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About us!

MEDTRON AG is an internationally operating medical technology company. With more than 10.000 devices installed worldwide, MEDTRON AG has become firmly established in the international market as one of the leading European manufacturers of state-of-the-art contrast medium injectors. The innovative and high-quality...

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MEDTRON presents Accutron Thera, the double head injector for innovative therapy and diagnostics.

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