Doppelkopf-Schlauchsystem mit inline Tropfkammer 317109-100

The Double-Head Tube System with Inline Drip Chamber is a single-use double-head tube system with filling function for use in CT and MRI examinations. The system has an inline drip chamber on the contrast medium filling tube and an integrated patient line. The contrast medium filling tube is compatible with all spikes.
CT, Einmalgebrauch, MR, Schlauchsysteme
317109-100, double head tube system, ELS, MRI, CT, MR-tube system, valve

Article Number: 317109-100 (for Scanbag CM supply bag)

Pressure Side, ID 2.0 mm Lenght Filling Volume
CM-Side 12 cm 0.4 ml
NaCl-Side 36 cm 1.1 ml
Patient Line 150 cm 2.7 ml
Suction Side, ID 2.7 mm Lenght Filling Volume
CM-Side, green 104 cm 6.0 ml
NaCl-Side, white 100 cm 5.7 ml
2 x Drip Chamber per 10 ml

Packing Unit: 50 pieces/carton – 2.800 pieces/pallet