HS 224/120 RA Patient Line 315126-000

The HS 224/120 RA Patient Line is a single head high-pressure patient line with soft TPU braided tube. The tubing has a rotating luer lock and a length of 120cm. The tubing is designed for use during angiography examinations.
  • HS 224/120 RA Patientenschlauch, Verbrauchsmaterial für Angiographie
Einmalgebrauch, HP, Patientenschläuche
224/120, 315126-000, HP, HS, patient line, rotating adapter

Article Number: 315126-000

83 bar/1.200 psi
Inner Diameter: 1.8 mm
Rotating luer lock
Braided PU Tube
Lenght: 120 cm
Filling Volume: 3.1 ml

Packing Unit: 50 pieces/carton