Accutron CT-D Vision es la última evolución del inyector de TC insignia de MEDTRON AG.
    Equipado con:

    • Interfaz de usuario mondernizada en pantallas táctiles más grandes
    • Injection Data Sharing (IDS)-opción de software para la integración de RIS/PACS
    • Ruedas de grado médico para una movilidad sin esfuerzo

Accutron CT-D Vision

The new Essential for Contrast +++ mobile Text

Accutron CT-D Vision is the latest evolution of MEDTRON's flagship CT contrast media injector. Focusing on the operator’s needs, the latest evolution of the Accutron CT-D enhances the operability of its double head CT injector and optimizes its integration into the radiology environment.

The modernized user interface makes the injector more user friendly. It improves comfort, simplifies workflow, and helps to improve patient care. The two larger touch screens, on the injection unit and the remote control, increase readability and reduce eye fatigue.

Puncture site and contrast media data can now be recorded for each patient. The new Injection Data Sharing (IDS) software option connects the injector directly to RIS/PACS, using a DICOM standard, allowing complete trackability, documentation and analytics of contrast administration in CT.

The wireless injector Accutron CT-D Vision benefits from our recently launched intelligent Battery Management System to optimize the duration of the battery charge and further increase working availability. With the new medical grade casters the injector can be moved effortless and quieter on imaging room floors.

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