Zufriedene Aerzte des Sahlgrenska-Krankenhauses in Goetheburg nach Nutzung des Angiographie-Injektors Accutron HP-D der MEDTRON AG


The renowned Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden has been using MEDTRON injectors for a long time and was involved in the development of the second generation of the Accutron® HP-D in its capacity as a key client. A report on the resulting successful collaboration has been published in the European Hospital magazine.

A team of radiologists, biomedical engineers and specialist nurses from Sahlgrenska was involved in the development of the second generation of the Accutron® HP-D-Injektors The injector has been redesigned as part of a collaboration between Sahlgrenska Hospital in its capacity as a client and MEDTRON. The team from Sahlgrenska provided clear user requirements to support the development of the injector:

  • Higher positioning of the injection unit to ensure a clear view of the syringes at all times and to enable the user to visually check that there are no air bubbles in the syringes.
  • Higher positioning of the display so that the start/stop button and the screen, and therefore the current status of the injection, can be seen at all times.
  • A swivelling display so that the injector can be operated from both sides of the operating table.
  • A wireless, mobile injector to enable quick and easy movement to and from the examination area and to prevent unnecessary obstructions on the operating table as a result of cables.
  • A double-head injector that can inject contrast medium and saline solution so that it can be used for various radiological applications.

Thanks to this collaboration with Sahlgrenska Hospital, not only have we taken the Accutron® HP-D to the next level of development, we have also developed a user-friendly injector that increases patient safety.

Magnus Eriksson, a biomedical engineer at Sahlgrenska, who, together with his colleague Anders Broman, is responsible for the collaboration with MEDTRON AG, explains: "The Accutron® HP-D is a very reliable device, which always works. We do not have any problems or difficulties with it. It just works."

You can download the report about the successful collaboration with Sahlgrenska Hospital here or in our Online Partner Area .

You will find more information about the Accutron® HP-D here.