InMedtron international sales area manager Raphael David, Cobalt MRI superintendent radiographer Duncan Reeves, Cobalt ceo Peter Sharpe, Guerbet product manager Barbara Suggitt and general manager Levi Cheng.

Cobalt medical charity says it has been delivering image quality, patient comfort and reduced scanning times across the country since the introduction of the world’s first Ingenia 3.0T MRI mobile unit.

The scanner is supported by an Accutron MR injector, produced by Medtron and distributed by Guerbet, for its contrast-based scans.  “The wireless technology of the MR injector adapts to the demands of Cobalt’s mobile scanning business,” said Guerbet’s product manager for medical devices Barbara Suggitt.

Cobalt’s ceo Peter Sharpe added: “The development of 3.0T mobile MRI has been very successful.  It has enabled hospitals to deliver a 3.0T MRI service to a specific group of patients without the high capital investment required to purchase such a system.”

See the full report on page 10 of the October 2013 issue of RAD Magazine.