MRS 222 XS Tube System with Exchangeable Spikes and Additional Valve (8H)

8H, CT, Mehrfachanwendung, MR, Schlauchsysteme
314119-100, CT, MR, MR-Schlauchsystem, MRS 222, MRS 222 XS, Schlauchsystem mit inline Tropfkammer, Spike, Ventil

Article Number: 314119-100

21 bar/305 psi

Pressure Side, ID 2.0 mm Lenght Filling Volume
CM-Side 12 cm 0.4 ml
NaCl-Side 36 cm 1.1 ml
Suction Side, ID 2.7 mm Lenght Filling Volume
CM-Side, green 104 cm 16 ml incl. DC
NaCl-Side, white 104 cm 16 ml incl. DC
2 x Drip Chamber per 10 ml

Multiple use up to max. 8h or one CM/NaCL bottle

Packing Unit: 50 pieces/carton – 2.800 pieces/pallet