Accutron CT-D Ganrty Version


In collaboration with Siemens, MEDTRON AG has developed a new version of the Accutron CT-D, which is fitted on the gantry of CT scanners using a Siemens support arm. As a natural extension of the Siemens SOMATOM go CT scanners, with the power supply cable installed directly in the Siemens support arm, the Accutron® CT-D Gantry Version (CT861-2) offers seamless operation in the examination room and enables easier cleaning to ensure compliance with hygiene requirements.

As the Accutron® CT-D is fitted directly on the gantry, the contrast medium injector is available at all times, directly adjacent to the CT scanner table. This sophisticated integration means that the injector is positioned closer to the patient, allowing the user to perform the full spectrum of contrast-enhanced examinations.

The Gantry Version of the Accutron® CT-D offers the complete range of capabilities that users of a dual head injector from MEDTRON AG can expect, such as the creation of multiphase injection profiles, the option to inject contrast medium and saline solution simultaneously and a Pre-Inject feature.

In addition, users have the option to use the CANopen Class IV interface. The complete wireless synchronisation of the Accutron® CT-D and the SOMATOM go system via this interface supports an optimal workflow.

The Accutron® CT-D Gantry Version is compatible with the following CT scanners in the Siemens SOMATOM go family: go.Now, go.Up, go.All and go.Top. A Siemens gantry support arm is required in order to install the Gantry Version.


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