MEDTRON spendet an Projekt Regenbogen

We support the project "Regenbogen"

The World Day for children with parents with cancer fell on 8 November. To mark the occasion, we donated €500 to the Saarland Cancer Society Within the context of the Rainbow Project, the Saarland Cancer Society offers advice and professional support to children and adolescents whose parents or grandparents have cancer.

The Saarland Cancer Society has been providing advice and support to people with cancer and their relatives since 1958. It offers individual consultations as well as workshops and talks. In addition to direct assistance for those affected by cancer, the society also focuses on prevention and early detection of cancer. The Saarland Cancer Society is also becoming increasingly involved in the field of cancer research and new, effective therapies, innovative treatment approaches and tumour-targeting medications. It offers advanced training for professionals, and in 2021, it also launched a research award of €3,000, which supports promising projects.