CT2/MRI Set ELS (S) 317627-100

The CT2/MRT Set ELS (S) is a disposable consumable set for CT and MRI injectors. It consists of 2 ELS (Easy Loading Syringes) 200 ml (S) Syringes, 1 MR 222 MR-Tube System, and 1 ES 224/150 Patient Line. The set is designed for use with the Accutron CT-D Vision and Accutron CT-D, but can also be used with the Accutron MR.
  • CT2/MRT Set ELS (S) - das Set an Verbrauchsmaterial für CT und MRT bestehend aus zwei 200ml Spritze, Schlauchsystem und Patientenschlauch
CT, Einmalgebrauch, MR, Sets
317627-100, CT, CT2/MRT, ELS, ELS (S), MRI, Set

Article Number: 317627-100

21 bar/305 psi

2 pcs ELS 200 ml Syringe 31 6026
1 piece MRS 222 MR Tube System 31 7100
1 piece ES 224/150 Patient Line 31 8151

suitable for 200/200 ml version

Packing Unit: 20 pieces/carton – 480 pieces/pallet