Accutron® MR

The mobile, accurate contrast media injector for MRI

Would you like to equip your MRI department with a reliable and flexible contrast media injector?

The Accutron® MR is a dual head contrast media injector designed for precise injection of contrast media and saline in clinical MR imaging, including pediatrics, angiography, neurography and mammography and other MR routine examinations.



The world’s first injector directly validated by Siemens for the 7-tesla Magnetom Terra machine


Reduced acquisition costs, as two MRI machines can be operated alternately with one injector and two remote controls


Proven innovative Accutron technology Made in Germany

The benefits of the Accutron® MR at a glance

Clinical benefits

  • Keep-Vein-Open: The KVO software feature helps to maintain vascular access during longer imaging procedures.
  • Pre-filled syringes: The compatibility with many selected syringes makes it easy to change and select the appropriate contrast media for each patient.

Operational benefits

  • Two remote controls Accutron® MR allows two MRI scanners to share the same contrast media injector by using a separate touchscreen remote control for each MRI scanner.
  • No power connection required: The battery-powered contrast media injector offers flexibility when quickly changing examination rooms.

Financial benefits

  • Pre-filled syringes: Increase patient throughput and result in potentially increased revenue.
  • Reduced acquisition costs: By using two remote controls, you only need one injector for your MRI department.

Of course, MEDTRON will provide you with all device-specific consumables.

Accutron MR Magnetresonanztomographie front
Accutron MR Magnetresonanztomographie left
Accutron MR Magnetresonanztomographie right
Accutron MR Magnetresonanztomographie back


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