Accutron® MR3

The contrast media injector with an integrated MRI infusion unit

Looking for a contrast media injector that can do more?

The Accutron® MR3 is a double syringe contrast delivery system with a third syringe acting as a dedicated infusion pump. The Accutron® MR3 double pistons are designed for precise injection of contrast media and saline in clinical MR imaging, including pediatrics, angiography, neurography and mammography and other MRI routine examinations. The dedicated infusion pump, on the other hand, is intended for the slow delivery of additional medications required for specific MRI examinations. These include cardiac stimulation medications for cardiac stress testing or drugs for pain control and mild sedation to assist the patient during the MRI scan.

MPRO Assist

Simplifies dose calculation for stress MRI examinations of the heart

Simple handling

Overall control and easy handling during your most demanding procedures

One remote control

Control of complex examinations with a single remote control

The benefits of the Accutron® MR3 at a glance

Clinical benefits

  • Integrated infusion pump: Enables the simultaneous administration of specific medications required by some patients for the MRI examination.
  • Expanding your clinical use: With the Accutron® MR3 allows pharmacological cardiac MRI stress tests.

Operational benefits

  • Wireless and mobile: This provides flexibility in configuration, as the Accutron® MR3 does not require any power connection during the examination. Communication with the remote control also takes place wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • Flexible medication administration: Medication infusion is possible even during an MRI examination.
  • MPRO Assist: The software wizard simplifies the dose calculation for stress MRI examinations of the heart.
  • Pre-filled syringes: Throughput is increased due to fast application and improved patient turnaround times.

Financial benefits

  • Integrated infusion pump:  Eliminates the need to purchase a separate MRI-compatible infusion device for stress heart exams.
  • Reduced installation costs: The wireless and mobile configuration with power supply from high-performance batteries reduces installation costs because there is no need to install a power connection in the examination room.

Of course, MEDTRON will provide you with all device-specific consumables.

Accutron MR3 Doppelkolbeninjektor mit integrierter Infusionspumpe front
Accutron MR3 Doppelkolbeninjektor mit integrierter Infusionspumpe left
Accutron MR3 Doppelkolbeninjektor mit integrierter Infusionspumpe right
Accutron MR3 Doppelkolbeninjektor mit integrierter Infusionspumpe back




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