Day Safe System is the new disposable from MEDTRON AG for multi-patient use up to 24 hoursThe Day Safe Syringes together with the Day Safe Filling Tube D form a closed fi lling and injection unit that only needs to be changed once per day. Completed by the SUre Patient Line, which is changed per patient and equipped with two check valves, the Day Safe System guarantees you safety and control up to 24 hours a day.

More info about the benefits and application can be found in our Day Safe System brochure!

A closed and transparent system

The benefits of the Day Safe System at a glance

Clinical benefits

  • Control of contrast injection quality and safety:  
    The Day Safe System with its inline drip chambers and the heated syringe holders of the Accutron injectors support you in this.

Operational benefits

  • Sterility control:  Closed system with wipeable, alcohol-resistant drop-stop connectors, patient tubing with two check valves and rotating luer locks  
  • Control your workflow:  The 24-hour multi-patient operation reduces the time spent preparing contrast injections and helps you focus on patients and imaging sequences.
  •  Visual inspection of the control elements and syringe drives:   The transparency of the Day Safe System allows you to check every single component and gives you full control over how it is handled.  

Financial benefits

  • Reduced costs:  This is due to an extended service life of up to 24 hours for consumables per day. This has a positive impact on your operating budget.
  • Reduced waste:  By completely using up contrast media in the storage container.  

The products of the Day Safe System

Multi-Patient Use 24h Consumables & SUre Patient Line

How to set up the Day Safe System of MEDTRON?