Consumables for multiple use up to 8 hours

We do our best for a simple handling of our products. Our sophisticated system is user-friendly and will signifi cantly simplify your workfl ow during the examination! You can save time and material with our customisable modular system comprising of an 8-syringe, 8h-tube system an dpatient line (with green check valve). Look forward to up to 8 hours without syringe and tube system changes.

Your benefits

  • Economically effi cient by time and cost savings
  • Can be used up to 8 hours
  • Overview and control by special stickers
  • Individual system solution
  • Simple handling
  • Environmentally compatible
  • Compact and well-structured design

Multiple Use up to 8h


Regarding our Drip Chambers with a Spike:

The drip chambers are equipped with microbiological ventilation and a soil filter for particle-free filling. 


Regarding our Inline Drip Chambers:

The drip chambers are equipped with a soil filter for particle-free filling.


Our valve technology is secure for up to 8 hours in terms of microbiological and viral hazards. It is also self-closing: The opening pressure is 250 mbar.