Accutron® HP-D Tube System 317183-000

The Accutron HP-D Tube System is a double-head tubing system with filling tube for single use in angiography examinations.
  • Accutron HD-P-Schlauchsystem, Verbrauchsmaterial für Angiographie
Einmalgebrauch, HP, Schlauchsysteme
317183-000, HP, HP-D, tube system

Article Number: 317183-000

Pressure Side, ID 1.8 mm Lenght Filling Volume
CM-Side 16 cm 0.4 ml
NaCl-Side 16 cm 0.4 ml
Suction Side, ID 2.7 mm Lenght Filling Volume
CM-Side, green 100 cm 15.7 ml incl. DC
NaCl-Side, white 100 cm 16 ml incl. DC
2 x Drip Chamber per 10 ml

Packing Unit: 25 piece/carton