ELS 200 ml Syringe with Filling Tube 316025-000

The ELS 200 ml Syringe, QFT (Quick Filling Tube) is a disposable syringe for use in MRI, CT and angio examinations. In addition to an injector, the contrast medium syringe can also be filled with the aid of the supplied quick filling tube (QFT). The syringe has a filling volume of 200ml and can be used with all Accutron contrast injectors.
  • ELS 200ml Spritze (S), Verbrauchsmaterial zum Einmalgebrauch für MRT und CT
CT, Einmalgebrauch, HP, MR, Spritzen
316025-000, CT, ELS 200 ml, HP, MRI, QTF, Syringe

Article Number: 316025-000

Residual Volume: 3.0 ml

At 83 bar can only be used with pressure jacket!

with Quick illing Tube (QFT)

Packing Unit: 50 pieces/carton – 1.500 pieces/pallet