HSD 527 Suction Tube with Valve 315082-000

The HSD 527 Suction Tube with valve is a single-head tube system for single use. The suction tube is used for filling contrast medium injector syringes. The maximum pressure rating of the valve is 1200psi. The spike is compatible for containers with a volume of 50ml or more. The suction tube is used in the context of angiography examinations.
  • HSD 527 Saugschlauch mit Ventil, Verbrauchsmaterial für Angiographie
Einmalgebrauch, HP, Schlauchsysteme
315082-000, HP, HSD, HSD 525, Suction tube, suction tube with valve, valve

Article Number: 315082-000

83 bar/1.200 psi
Lenght: 100 cm
Inner Diameter: 2.7 mm
Filling Volume: 0.2 ml Valve+ 10 ml Tube + 5.7 ml Drip Chamber

Packing Unit: 50 pieces/carton