Accutron® CT-D Vision

The new contrast media injector for CT

Are you looking for a contrast media injector for your CT examinations?

The Accutron® CT-D Vision is the next generation of MEDTRON AG’s leading CT contrast media injector. Focusing on the user’s needs, the latest stage of development of the Accutron® CT-D improves the usability of the CT injector and optimizes its integration into the radiological environment.

Modern design

Modernized user interface on larger touchscreens

Software option

Injection Data Sharing (IDS) software option with RIS/PACS integration

Better mobility

Professional rollers for better mobility in the medical environment

Accutron® CT-D Vision


We enhanced Accutron® CT-D Vision´s operability for a better comfort and safer use.

Accutron CT-D Vision Fernbedienung



Radiographers and radiologists are working mostly on screens throughout the day, monitoring examinations and analysing images. With high resolution touch screens, of 10” on the injection unit and 12“ on the remote control, Accutron® CT-D Vision improves the comfort of use and helps to reduce eye fatigue. 

The new graphical user interface provides a comprehensive overview of each examination. 

Accutron CT-D Vision Auswahl des Lichtmodus der Bildschirmanzeige zur Verbesserung der Lesbarkeit



Inside the exam room, the choice of the light mode display on the injector screen enhances the readability of key parameters. 

In the low light of the console room, the operator can choose the dark mode display to reduce visual disturbances and allow the focus on the imaging procedure.



The wireless injector Accutron® CT-D Vision benefits from our recently launched Intelligent Battery Management System to optimize the duration of the battery charge and further increase the working availability.

With the new medical grade casters the injector can be moved with less effort and quieter on imaging room floors.


Accutron CT-D Vision ueberarbeitete Benutzeroberflaeche des Injektors und auch der Fernbedienung



The upgraded graphical user interface of Accutron® CT-D Vision focuses on providing a comprehensive view of each parameter. It visually highlights the key parameters. 

Choosing and selecting from lists and a saved profi les library now simplify exam management. This leads to an easier, clearer and more precise programming in less time.



Trackability of contrast administration does not only mean recording the contrast dose. It also involves the way the dose was administered. 

By recording the puncture site location and the size of IV catheter as well as the contrast media type directly as part of the injection data, Accutron® CT-D Vision provides comprehensive trackability and documentation of contrast administration.

Accutron CT-D Vision mit eine rverbesserten Integration in die Radiologieumgebung



Accutron® CT-D Vision is equipped with several substantial new features that optimize its integration into the radiology environment.


Injection Data Sharing
Providing a RIS/PACS interface based on the DICOM standard, the new IDS software option offers direct access to the modality worklist from the RIS for the operator to associate each contrast injection results with the related patient images and data and save it in the PACS. Currently exporting these injection data as a secondary capture or as an ePDF, IDS is a flexible solution able to offer customized access to shared injection data.

The benefits of the Accutron® CT-D Vision at a glance

Clinical benefits

  • Improved patient care:The new convenient user interface of the Accutron® CT-D Vision simplifies programming through directly choosing and selecting from lists. Improved readability helps reduce risks of insufficient injection settings. It also improves the review of the injection.
  • Full traceability: The IDS software option enables the exchange of injection data with the digital radiology infrastructure via RIS/PACS integration. It is based on the DICOM standard. With information on puncture sites and contrast media acquisition, it provides comprehensive traceability and documentation of contrast media administration with regard to imaging, patients and study data and makes it available digitally via PACS.

Operational benefits

  • Increased operating convenience: The two larger touchscreens, one on the injection unit and one on the remote control, increase readability and reduce eye fatigue.
  • Improved mobility: The intelligent battery management system and the new rollers provide more flexibility in a radiological environment with several examination rooms. The wireless Accutron® CT-D Vision thus remains a reference product of MEDTRON AG.
  • Optimized workflows: The IDS software option enables the exchange of injection data with the imaging department via RIS and PACS.

Financial benefits

  • Accutron® CT-D Vision can be operated in single-use or multiple-use, with just one or with two syringes. It offers the flexibility to help you adjust your operating costs for disposables and optimize the cost-benefit ratio of our injector according to your activity.

Of course, MEDTRON will provide you with all device-specific consumables.

Get to know the Accutron® CT-D Vision with our user video

Accutron® CT-D Vision, The double piston contrast medium injector from the front
Accutron® CT-D Vision, The double piston contrast medium injector from the left side
Accutron® CT-D Vision, The double piston contrast medium injector from the right side
Accutron® CT-D Vision, The double piston contrast medium injector from the back

The product variants of the Accutron® CT-D Vision

Accutron® CT-D Vision is a dual head contrast media injector needed for advanced clinical CT imaging procedures such as cardiac CTA, CT angiography, pelvic & lower limb imaging as well as routine CT examinations. It is also ready for new emerging techniques in women’s healthcare like contrast-enhanced mammography.

Ceiling Version: Valia S1+ by Ondal

Available as a variant to the familiar battery-powered caster version, Accutron CT-D Vision is also be available in ceiling version. Particularly adapted for emergency, intensive care or interventional CT scanners, the ceiling version of Accutron CT-D keep the floor totally free for the patients, the hospitalization bed, and the operating staff. Thanks to the constant power supply, it is always ready to use and offers maximum uptime.


The suspension itself provides an unrivaled reach, with the market’s largest vertical articulation (+45°/-70°) and angle of rotation (360° with stop). This unmatched freedom of movement enables the imaging staff to place Accutron CT-D Vision injection head in the perfect position every time, regardless of the procedure.

Power Supply

The Power Supply version, with direct mains supply, ensures continuous uptime in the emergency department.


As a natural extension of Siemens SOMATOM go CT systems, the Gantry version for Siemens guarantees closer positioning of the injector to the patient in order to enable the user to perform the entire spectrum of contrast-assisted examinations. It enables clearly laid out operation in the examination room. Thanks to the constant power supply, it is always ready to use and offers maximum uptime.



Accutron® CT-D Vision

Accutron® CT-D Gantry Version

Mammography Flyer